When Is The Last Time You Really Went All Out For “IT”?

I asked myself this question tonight.  The past year has been very hectic and I have been wearing many hats and managing several challenging projects.  The goals I set were audacious and I achieved them… well most of them.  Maximizing resources, making decisions quickly, and putting in long hours got me to the finish line.  My time has been spread thin and I have struggled to keep up with some things, like this blog!  After recenlty wrapping a major project, I found myself ready to shift gears and have spent time contemplating my next move.never try never know

This week an opportunity has come to my attention that has me really excited.  It’s got me digging deep and really working to find the best strategy to prove myself.   This chance at something amazing has me questioning things that I have been making a priority, and realizing that the opposite could be what I really need.  The excitement I feel when I visualize this coming to fruition makes me feel like I can do anything.  I don’t think I have felt this way since I founded the non-profit organization Your Yogis Alliance.

What is this opportunity?  You will see.  Believe me, I am going all out for this one and I am going to need your help.

Stay Tuned!

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