I Am Going Dark… Will You Even Notice?

People talk about “unplugging” all the time and it means something different to each of us.  Some believe it means shutting down the computer and lying on a beach all week, or leaving the smartphone at home and spending a weekend in the woods with family.  This week I will not be unplugging… but rather, “going dark”.  For the first time in as long as I can remember I am staying off of all social networks.  All of them.

Today I am flying half way around the world to the Middle East.  I will be exploring the exotic city of Dubai and the sandy deserts surrounding it.  I am embarking on this adventure on my own and have decided to challenge myself to truly spend the time alone, without the comfort of “my friends”.  Every selfie or self discovery will have to wait to be shared.  When dining alone, I will not pull out my phone to check my Facebook.  I won’t be posting photos of me riding a camel on Instagram.  I am going on vacation without you.

This challenge was inspired by Scott Dismore who recently went to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to unplug.  He had been touring the world with his wife for nearly a year hosting inspirational events with his Live Your Legend network, and found that he needed to take some time away from the his blog and social media.  His last blog post described how he felt both excited and worrisome going dark.  Sadly that blog was his last because he tragically died climbing the mountain.

I didn’t know Scott while he was alive, but I am getting to know him through his life’s work.  A mutual friend share this Ted talk on Facebook the day after he died.  His speech about finding the work you love moved me.  I mean it MOVED me.  I cried as he spoke words that dug so deep into my heart that I literally got up and started to make moves.  I joined the Live Your Legend community and have been getting the automated emails from Scott for a week or so now.  It is a little erie getting emails from someone who recently passed away at just 29 years old… but in a strange way I like it.  The experience is proving that we can make a change in the world, even when our time on earth is over.

So here I am, sitting at the airport about to travel to a land that feels like a whole different world.  A place where I don’t blend in and I don’t understand the culture.  They say life begins outside of your comfort zone and I am leaping to learn more about what is inside me.   I am separating myself from my “normal” and leaving the connected world that lives in my smartphone.  I must give full disclosure that I am traveling with my husband Chris, but we will be separating in Dubai as he attends his work and I work on my own.  We visited Dubai briefly in 2013 and I was impressed, intrigued and eager to return and explore more.    I will be photographing the landscapes and architecture, exploring the spice markets, and visiting a mosque.  I will do my best to surrender to the present moment and learn all I can while I am in it.

See you on the flip side Facebook friends.  Sayonara Snap Chat.  This sounds silly to many folks, but terrifying to others.  I feel a little anxious as I am writing these finals words and posting this blog, knowing I have to wait an entire week to see what people say.  Will anyone say anything, or will no one realize I went dark?  We will have to wait a week and see.

5 thoughts on “I Am Going Dark… Will You Even Notice?

  1. Leela Moghadas

    Hello Casandra, remember me! yoga teacher. I applaud you going dark.
    My niece Laylee lives in Dubai and has an organic Italian restaurant in Dubai, she is also a yogi. Her email address is: leili.behnia@gmail.com, if you have time or need anything contact her and hang out with her-she’ll love it and you.
    Safe travels and I hope to read you again.
    Big hugs,

  2. Sinead aka nay nay

    No shit… I love this ! I’m amazed and intrigued by you. I love how naked you appear and how brave you are showing your vulnerability. Funny I texted you today because I also went dark, so no fb messenger option for me. I was in your neighborhood (our so I thought), I had just left this amazing space with this amazing woman who led me thru my first “energy work” session with her. You immediately came to mind the moment I knew I was going to Gloucester. I’m pretty sure your paths will cross.
    I don’t think it’s a coincidence you’ve gone dark at this particular moment, or that I have re entered my cocoon to dive deep once again. I have lots of words I’m sure I could re rearrange here… However they are not necessary my dear friend. I feel you. I see you. And I’m smiling right along with you… Enjoying the ride! xo

  3. Kevin

    Hi Casandra!

    Just found this post today, and am guessing your period of going dark is over, how did you find it?

    Also, I’m heading to Dubai next year, any top recommendations? Hope it was a good trip!

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